Teen patti online is a truly engaging poker game. There is something undeniably odd about the way it is played. And the name itself is just fun to say. Say it, say it out loud a few times. Don’t be a wanderer. If you feel out of control, worry that the kids might hear you and emit hysteria, or tell your spouse you are having a nervous breakdown, just close the door and turn on the stereo to mask the sound of your voice.

Ready? Well, let’s get started. “Teen patti online … Teen patti online … Teen patti online …”

Continue this for as long as you want. It can be quite a form of therapy. In fact, the gambling legend claims that Teen patti online is indeed an ancient form of sacred meditation that some wise casino owners have turned into a poker game of chance based on money. Hey, have you finished chanting? We have some important information to cover before this article ends.

Now that we’re back, let’s take a look at some basic Teen patti online strategies. When playing the poker game, the tiles are arranged randomly on the table and are arranged in eight stacks, four tiles each. This is called a ‘wood pile.’ Various ritual shuffling is performed, rearranging the bricks in the wood pile in a number of different ways to create a new pile of wood. It is at this point that the bet is being made. Most often, seven players form a poker game. Each player’s hand will be compared only with the dealer’s hand to determine winners and losers.

Next, each player (including the dealer) is given four slots to form two hands of each two-square tile. The hand with the lower value is called the ‘front hand’ and the hand with a higher value is called the ‘back hand’. If the player’s front hand hits the dealer’s front hand and the player’s back hand hits the dealer’s back hand, that player wins. If the player’s front and back hands both lose the dealer’s respective hands, the player loses the bet. If one side wins and the other loses, the player is said to “push”, (meaning a tie) and get back only the money they bet.

With a few high-scoring exceptions, the best score a hand can have is nine. To find the value of a hand, simply add the total number of pips across the two boxes and drop ‘tens’. For example, a cell 1-3 used with a cell 2-3 would give a nine, since four plus five would be nine. However, a 2-3 cell with a 5-6 will score six, not sixteen. Fun88 Why? Because you leave out 1 (in the tens). Furthermore, a 5-5 cell with a 4-6 cell gives zero, since ten plus ten is twenty and twenty drops to 0 when you drop tens.

Cleverly, right? It’s all part of the fun. If you find yourself getting upset, just start chanting again (but now while operating heavy machinery).

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