A case to protect and secure your dealer chip, card and node is required to protect your investment and provide the necessary security for your chip. The chips will remain safe when locked and keyed during teen patti game play so you can focus on your play. You can quickly determine if there are missing chips after a session when you put them in the chassis. Poker game chip boxes come in different styles, materials and prices. Most chip sellers offer complete sets with a carrying case. The inexpensive, readily available plastic chips need no protection so the carrying case can be as simple as a shoebox but once you move on to mid-range and better casino-style chips, you should definitely consider one. quality lockable box.


case The chip input-level case is typically not lockable and provides a simple method for storing and carrying your gaming chips. Plastic shells have the lowest cost but the shortest lifespan of specialized chip shells. Lack of security requires constant vigilance for in-teen patti game chips.

Plastic case

The vinyl case is one level higher than the plastic case and provides better protection for the poker teen patti game chipset. Case is usually made of wood or plastic coated with vinyl material. The case may or may not be locked. A major concern with vinyl cases is durability. The weight of a 500 chipset of 11.5 grams of poker game chip is almost 20 pounds and puts considerable pressure on the carrying case and handle. The failure mode for most vinyl cases is to separate the handle from the case due to weight.

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Metal cases

Metal cases are the most common and common type of poker game chips. Most metal cases are made from textured aluminum in a variety of styles and prices. The quality of the metal case varies significantly so it is important to compare the store and choose wisely. Some metal cases are not all metal and there may be plastic sheets and parts in their construction. Some cannot be locked. Others have sharp corners. Special lightweight metal plates will not last long. The ideal medium-weight medal holder is an all-metal construction (preferably aluminum) with extra reinforcement in critical stress areas plus locking locks to keep the chips secure. All the finest metal cases are made from aircraft-quality aluminum with a detachable chip holder, high-safety barrel locks, machined from sturdy grip accessories and hinges.

Wooden case

Another chip case option is a quality wooden case with a custom brass accessory. Furniture cabinets come in a variety of designs and prices, form low to large pine patterns, carved in exotic wood with inlaid precious metal handcrafted by a master cabinet maker. Most affordable furniture cabinets are made of pine, mahogany, oak and other hardwoods, with best quality build and finish, heavy duty handles and hinges key, key and removable chip tray fit. Fun88 As with all cases, wooden cases come in a variety of qualities and the prices match those qualities.

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